Natural Aloe Vera & Propolis Treatment Ointment



Natural Aloe Vera & Propolis Treatment Ointment

Contains; 30 ml / 50 NIS


From the “Masik” care products line


“Masik” Aloe Vera Treatment Ointment, 100% natural

Contains olive oil from the Golan Heights.

Handmade with love and care…



A soothing ointment for multiple purposes. This unique product contains such natural ingredients, as aloe vera, propolis and pomegranate seed oil, soothing and disinfecting your skin with maximum efficiency. Suitable for sunburnt and irritated skin, as well as for dry and cracked skin.



Contains nourishing oils, propolis, pomegranate seed oil and aloe vera. Produced through a unique process.


How to use

Apply a small amount of ointment and massage until full absorption. For morning and evening use until full relief.


Approved by the Ministry of Health